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Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an unbreakable part of digital marketing. Social media marketing advantages basically make brands more human, visual interface, detailed audience targeting options… Let’s check them.

It Is Constantly Improving!

Social media marketing changes constantly. We come across different features of it frequently as it is a dynamic and an improving platform. The simplest example: stories. Shopping via social media thoroughly and so on.. When user habits change, social media platforms change accordingly.

Visually Catchy!

If you have a good graphic designer and video editor, you have the opportunity to create interesting ads. Social media is based on the visual as much as possible. If your product or service includes quality visual (most products and services), you are quite advantageous in social media.

Build Your Own Community!

When you stop social media marketing or reduce your budget, your followers continue to follow your pages. Your posts are still reaching your community.

Note: It does not mean your organic post always reaches all of your followers. Your social platform algorithm heavily impacts on this. Very briefly, if the users interested in and interact with your content, the algorithm may increase the visibility of your posts. Actually there are quite a few variables on it.

Also you might consider boosting your posts to increase their visibility. This is the option for reaching your follower more effectively.

Advanced Audience Targeting

It is obvious that advanced audience targeting is one of the best features of social media marketing. With the correct audience targeting, your click-through rate and conversion rate would be high.

Easy Interaction with Users

With the help of social media marketing, brands are able to be pretty close to their customers. Users can add comments below ads easily, or they can send messages directly to the brands. Even, they can shop directly through social media! This is great because usually sending users different platforms is not easy. In fact, getting conversion throughout social media is fast and effective.

Relaxing Atmosphere of Social Media

Social media is great for funny posts, for GIF’S, and for being more interactive for brands. It could depend on brand voice but usually, people use social media for socializing and having a good time. Hence, you do not have to be so strict on social media as other platforms do.

You Can Make Great Optimizations

If digital marketing is not your forte and you are using social media marketing only for promoting your business, it is completely OK. Social media platforms have very user-friendly ad options.

But, if you are interested in digital marketing, great settings and options are available and waiting for you. You may create different types of campaigns, re-marketing, re-targeting campaigns, look alike audiences, and much more.

Machine Learning is Working For You

Social media platforms have options for benefiting machine learning technologies. When you set-up conversions and you get conversions, you may choose optimization for those. The system will try to increase your conversions with machine learning technology. Briefly, the system learns what is converting and making changes to targeting automatically.

You May Automate It!

If you don’t have much time, you can benefit from automating options. Also, you may need third party software for increasing automation options. To name but a few, post scheduling or boosting posts can be automated.

It May Contribute to Other Marketing Mediums and Conversions

When people came across your brand (with any marketing medium) they might wants to check your social media accounts for getting more ideas about the brand. If your accounts are well managed, it gives you a positive point.

In addition, social media marketing is also important for SEO. Search engines check the website’s social media accounts for getting an idea about their credibility.

Closing Remarks

Social media make up the bulk of digital marketing and have useful options for marketers.


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