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Beginnner or Basic SEO Guide 2019 Edition

SEO is vital for digital marketing efforts. We created a basic SEO guide for beginner SEOs. In the SEO world, tips continually change, so we prepared a beginner guide for 2019.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
Shortly; it is all efforts for achieving high rankings on search engines.
SEO commonly has two section

On-Site: All efforts on site. (Editing titles, texts, codes, improving speed, etc.)
Off-Site: Social media works, advertorials, getting backlinks (natural please, we will explain this later)

Understanding Search Engines

Search engines try to retrieve the best results for user satisfaction. If your web site does not make the user happy, search engines detect this and decrease your rank.

Tip: Do a lot of searches!
Search anything in search engines. Try different devices, locations, clear cookies, etc… Visit first page results try to why they are in the first place, and mostly first-page web sites deserved to be on the first page. Not copy them! Just try to understand why they succeed.

Understanding User

You are surfing on the net too! You are searching for info, product, or location. Which results make you happy or which results caused to go back search results?

Does them familiar;

  • Clickbait titles
  • Terrible designs
  • Wall of block texts
  • Waiting hours for page open
  • Thin content etc.

Try to understand the user and plan your work for your user.

Learn Some Technical Stuff

Basic HTML knowledge will be beneficial. Meta tags, title tags, alt tags are still useful. So do not forget to optimize your web site these criteria.

You can quickly check your page with these tools.
(Free & Paid / Listed Alphabetically)

Important: Do your best for on-page editing but not overdo it. Not be obsessed 🙂

  1. Learn rules
  2. Check your site
  3. Do your best
  4. Do not be obsessed or do not do overoptimization (It is wrong too)
  5. Regularly check your site
  6. Follow trends

Stay Updated!

As we say in the entry paragraph SEO world is dynamic. Following digital marketing social media accounts, blogs, new sites will be helpful.

Use Tools!

You can not do everything by yourself!
You need tools for

  • Checking the status of your keywords
  • Overall SEO performance
  • Domain power
  • Keyword competitiveness .etc

You can use these tools;
(Free & Paid / Listed Alphabetically)

Do Not Forget Your Priorities!

There are a lot of web site types on the internet; news sites, blogs, e-commerce, business web site, etc.

Every type have different priorities
For example, news sites should provide fresh news frequently, but a business site does not have to add news that often.

You Need Real Natural Links

Backlinks maybe the most challenging part of SEO because Google prohibited buying backlinks. Getting natural backlinks is not easy but not impossible.

Here are a few things to avoid

  • Buying backlink
  • Adding “comments” for getting a backlink
  • Creating blogs for linking yourself

Google quickly notice these kinds of activities and penalizes them.

Honestly; you need to be creative for getting backlinks. Providing excellent content can be a good start. Luckily today you do not need to get a lot of backlinks. Few quality backlinks will work.

Provide Great Content!

Creating and promoting content is relatively easy today. So you need to do more.

Is your content;

  • Well written?
  • Informative?
  • Easy readable?
  • Has subtitles (H2’s etc.)
  • Adding value (Having a different point of other articles on the Internet)
  • Useful for your user
  • Has proper internal linking (Linking your other related posts, pages of your web site)

Hey! Be Quick!

Check your web site speed! Having fast loaded web site is crucial for success. If your site is slow check that reasons;

  • Unoptimized images
  • Unoptimized CMS
  • Hosting problems
  • Another problem

Check Your Mobile Version!

Yes, you are creating and checking your web site via your desktop pc or laptop, but you and your user (me too!) preferred mobile device for surfing on the internet.

So your web site’s mobile user experience (most likely) more critical to desktop experience! Test and your sites mobile version frequently!

Be “Really” Active On Social Media

Creating social media account for your web site is excellent but not enough! You need to get interactions in these accounts.

If your social media accounts active and send quality traffic to your web site, it will be helpful.

Use Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is great for having an idea about your performance.

You can check these metrics;

  • Daily unique users
  • Your traffic resources
  • Bounce rates
  • Most and least visited pages
  • Exit pages

Check and optimize your site for Google Analytics. Regular checks, generating e-mail alerts will be beneficial.

Closing Thoughts

SEO is long term run. Do not be impatient! Work hard and wait. Working for immediate results will be harmful to your web site. Google does not like aggressive or artificial efforts to be successful.

Image Credit and Thanks:Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik


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