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Facebook Ads Mistakes

Facebook Ads is a great marketing channel. However, like every platform; if you make mistakes in Facebook Ads, your performance would decrease. Let’s check common Facebook Ads mistakes.

Weak Creatives

It is not a surprise; Facebook Ads highly depends on visuals. If your creatives are not catchy enough, your CTR and performance would be lower. Working with skilled graphic designer would work out to solve this problem. Furthermore, you should probably provide enough alternative creatives for testing.

Note: With proper tagging, you could check the performance of your creatives with details. Check About URL parameters

Ignoring Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is one of the most important features of digital marketing. It tells what is working and what is not working. Plus, you should create and track micro-conversions, too. To name one, “add to basket” could be a good micro-conversion.

Your Page is Not Ready For Ads Yet

When you have created paid ads, your page visits would be increased, no surprise. If you do not share enough content on your page, users may think your business is very new. It is not that bad but it possibly affects your conversions. Sharing enough content before using ads would come in useful.

Audience Overlapping

Internal competition could affect your performance negatively. If your different campaigns target the same audience, actually you bid for yourself. By the way, Facebook has a free tool for checking the audience overlapping. Be sure you avoid the audience overlapping. Check this useful article.

Not Using Re-targeting

When you run several campaigns, you have great potential for re-targeting. You can create a campaign for only your website visitors or basket page visitors. Usually these users are closer to conversion than others. Also, targeting these users would be cost-effective in most cases.

Poor Landing Pages

If your landing pages are not catchy enough, your digital marketing campaigns would not perform well.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

When you are working for a completely new industry, it is possible to make this mistake. In fact, conducting more research, analyzing results, and testing would be useful for you at this point.

Your Page is Not Responsive

If you are using social ads, your page should be social too! As an instance, unanswered comments below your posts cause a bad reputation for your page. Plus, users may contact your page directly via sending messages and want to receive replies. You might find a solution to this, as well.

Not Using Well Enough Features

Facebook Ads has great features for different industries. Be sure to check them regularly. For example, if you have an e-commerce store, you can promote your products dynamically.

Your Offer/Product/Service is Weak

Digital marketing is a great marketing medium but it is not a magic wand. As an example, if your discount is not realistic, users would not interested in it or your product/service has tons of negative reviews on the web, and users might not convert for this reason.

Changing Campaigns Too Fast

Almost every digital marketing campaign needs some time and data for consideration. If you change your campaign settings too fast, you might reduce machine learning performance.

Closing Remarks

Facebook Ads is a decent marketing platform. Improving yourself in Facebook Ads would be helpful in increasing your campaign results. Do not forget to check Facebook Blueprint for more resources.


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