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Google Ads Guide 2019

Google Ads Guide

Google Ads is an outstanding marketing tool for any business. Let’s look at how to be good at Google Ads!

What is Google Ads! How to be excel in Google Ads? 

Before our article start, let’s make somethings clear! 

1) Being good at Google Ads requires a lot of experience and effort 

Learning Google Ads is not very hard. It is effortless to start to advertise. However, learning all parts of Google Ads and being Google Ads pro requires hard working 

2) Google Ads is Dynamic! 

Google Ads is dynamic! Something changes/comes/gone! However, it is not a bad thing. Google Ads is evolving, seeing new features enjoyable! Just be sure you are following trends. 

3) Google Ads is Multidisciplinary  

Marketing, math, statistic, economy, writing, design! Many branches used directly or indirectly for Google Ads. If you want to be a good Google Ads marketer you need to improve yourself multidisciplinary. 

Google Ads Account Structure 

Google Ads account structure is pretty easy to learn.  

Account > Campaign > Ad Groups > Ads and Keywords  

For example, if your campaign paused being your ad group status (enable or paused) ignored. They will be paused too.  

There is not only one correct account structure. Your business, products, or services, even your habits will determine your account structure. 

A good account structure also necessary for the budget distribution. It will help you better understand your ad performance. 

Tip: Not be in a hurry about the setup campaign. Clearly, think about your structure. 

Google Ads Campaign Types 

Google Ads has a lot of campaign types. Each campaign type needs expertise and experience too! Also, each campaign types updating always! 

  • Search Ads / Text Ads 
  • Image Ads / Google Display Network
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads / YouTube Ads 
  • Universal App Campaigns 

Search Ads / Text Ads 

They are text-based ads that we see them on Google search results. Keywords trigger them.  

What do you need to learn to be good at Google Search Ads 

  • Keyword match types 
  • Search ads writing best practices 
  • Keyword versus search term 
  • Negative keywords 
  • Responsive search ads 
  • Dynamic search ads 
  • Landing page selection 
  • Search impressions share 

Image Ads – GDN 

Image ads (GDN) are a little bit different from search ads. They are image and text-based ads. GDN can reach more than %90 of all Internet users.  

What do you need to learn to be good at GDN ads? 

  • Classic Image Ad 
  • Responsive Ads 
  • Placements 
  • Targeting types (audience, placement, keyword, affinity, in-market .etc) 
  • Negative placements 
  • Remarketing 
  • Click-through rate 
  • Frequency capping 
  • GDN Banner design best practices 
  • Landing page selection 

Shopping Ads 

What is shopping ads: They are ad types for e-commerce sites. If you search a product on Google, you will see shopping ads in results. Shopping ads have a price, product image, price detail in search results. They have a picture so very easily noticeable to users. 

Shopping ads are must-have for e-commerce sites. Proper integration with Google ads and your e-commerce site vital for successful Google Shopping Ads campaigns. For example, when your product price changed, it should change in Google ads too. 

What do you need to learn to be good at shopping ads? 

  • Google Merchant Center 
  • Product feed 
  • E-Commerce site and Google Merchant Center integration 
  • Smart shopping campaigns 
  • Best practices in writing product descriptions (Keywords are not used in shopping ads, product descriptions analyzed) 

Video Ads / YouTube Ads 

Maybe the hardest part of campaigns. Do not get me wrong; if you are good at and enjoying editing videos, it is your cup of tea.  

Video ads / YouTube ads especially good at; 

  • Brand awareness 
  • Visual products (for example games, movies, action toys, .etc) 
  • User manual or explanation needed products. (for example, web site design tool) 

Users in a hurry. Do not bore them with long videos. You should give your message fastly and clearly. Also, improve your YouTube channel with some good content. Your visitors would like to check your YouTube channel and other videos too.  

What do you need to learn to be good at video ads; 

  • YouTube ad types 
  • Video editing or choosing a good video 
  • YouTube channel management 
  • YouTube ad targeting and bidding types 

Universal App Campaigns 

If you would like to promote your mobile app, this campaign type will perfectly fit for you. 

What do you need to learn to be good at universal app ads; 

  • Cost per install 
  • Cost per click 
  • Firebase 
  • In-app actions 
  • Google play installs 
  • First opens metric 

Google Ads Bidding Types 

Bidding maybe the most painstaking part of Google Ads Management. You can see a lot of Manual vs. Automatic bidding discussions on the Internet.  

How to choose the best bidding type for you? 

  • Your business type 
  • Your goals 
  • Bidding best practices 
  • Test, test, test 

Smart Bidding vs. Manual Bidding 

Smart Bidding 

Google Ads is doing a great job with Machine Learning technology. The system learns which users type converts more increasing bids for them if the system thinks that the user won’t convert decreasing bids. It sounds perfect, but you need to give time for learning time for the system.  

This system is improving. It is mostly doing very useful bidding, but it does not require to perfect fit for all accounts or goal types. You should check your campaign performance regularly. But please do not forget to give enough time for optimization.  

Manual Bidding 

The best part of manual bidding is you have all control! You can increase or decrease bids whenever you want! Manual bidding is quietly similar to Human vs. Robot analogy.  

You have disadvantages with “being human.” For example; 

  • Your time is limited, especially if you are a busy person. It is not a realistic expectation to check your account every minute or hour a day. Also, you need to sleep. (really?) 
  • You do not have signals like Google Ads system. Google Ads system increasing or decreasing bids automatically with signals.  
  • Focusing minor details can cause missing weighty parts.  

Heart of Bidding Strategy

Bidding is like “paying for possibilities.” For example, you know a perfect keyword for you, for instance, “buy cheap 250 pcs puzzle” you have noticed this keyword brings you a lot of conversions. So you can be generous for this keyword. But maybe the “puzzle” keyword not profitable as “buy cheap 250 pcs puzzle” keyword although it brings conversions too. You may not want to be aggressive for this keyword. 

Note: I think you got the point. But it does not end. I have mentioned smart bidding considering other signals too. A simple example; If the user visited your site before and he/she comes again, he/she might have more potential to complete purchasing. So you must increase bids this type of user. Manually it is possible with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads but like I said before Smart Bidding makes this setting more efficiently. The system also considering user device, location, time, and much more. 

Where Will Be My Ad Published? 

It is obvious but let’s underline some points 

  • Search Ads 
  • Image Ads / Display Ads on Third-Party Web Sites (More than %90 of all web sites) 
  • YouTube  
  • Mobile Apps 

Roughly it is possible to say you can reach all internet users via Google Ads. 

You should think about where is your target audience? 

For example, if you have a plumber service, your potential customers will search for finding a plumber. This thinking method helps you when you are choosing the campaign type. 

General tips for being successful Google Ads manager 

Honestly, there is not a quick way to be good at Google Ads management. You need knowledge, experience, marketing, and much more. But we created a shortlist for digital marketers who want to be successful at Google Ads manager.  

Learn the Basics! 

In real life, Google Ads management much more than cliché knowledge base instructions. But before; learn them. Maybe you can not use them entirely. But first, learn then draw your path. 

Manage Accounts! 

It is obvious, but you can guess the theory is not the same as real. Conversions cost per clicks, and customer needs always change. Try yo manage accounts and get some experience. You might make a mistake, always double-check when you are managing high budgets 

Understand Your Customer and Your Customer Customers!

Do not assume for your customers. Always clearly ask for their goals. Ask what (web site click, phone call, online sales, foot traffic) makes them happy. Then try to understand your customer’s customer. Which type of products are they searching for? What (price, color, or model availability, being trustful, fast shipment, etc.) is their concerns?  

Be Sceptic 

Always be skeptic about what did you hear. Always ask questions, make tests. Think about how to create more optimized campaigns. 

Learn Some “Science” 

If you have time and if you want to be perfect at Google Ads, you might train yourself Google Ads related topics. For example, Statistics, Math, Marketing, Economy, Graphic Design, Coding. You do not need to be an expert on all those topics (which is looking impossible for any person), but you can improve yourself that fields. They will feed your Google Ads Management performance 

Stay Updated

Always check blogs, official Twitter pages regularly. Never be late for learning new campaign types. 

This list can be longer. But if you really Interest Google Ads you will always find your ways to learn! 

For Google Ads Questions

Managing Google Ads can be tricky. You need to ask somebody else. Thanks to Google Ads popularity there are a lot of places to ask questions about to Google Ads 

Regular Works of Google Ads 

In Google Ads management area also wondered about daily / weekly / monthly tasks. Honestly, it depends on your account goals, campaign types, and budget. Google Ads machine learning needs some data and autonomy. Applying a lot of change in a short time mostly affects badly smart campaigns. 

It is possible to divide into categories of Google Ads tasks; 

Note: This part is highly subjective! 

1) Routine Tasks 
2) Add Value Tasks 

Routine Tasks: 

Checking the performance of campaigns, monitoring anomalies, conversions, conversion values, and costs.  

Do your best to manage your routine campaigns. Check, test, and try to stabilize success.  

Add Value Tasks: 

Not wait for your customers. Try to different campaign types, creatives, etc. Also, you can create effective campaigns for special days. Always try to find new opportunities for your customers. 

You can check your Google Ads management success with these criteria. (As I said, It is very subjective!) 

Note: These campaign types considered as “experimental”. Do not set very high budgets earlier. 

Google Ads Certificate 

Google Ads Certificate is a great way to; learning Google Ads, testing your skills, and it is a great way to show your authority at Google Ads. 

  • Google Ads certificates are yearly, and you need to join exams every year 
  • Google Ads exams and certifications are free 
  • Different certifications exist for different campaign types. 
  • If you get Google Ads Certificate, you can display your badge on your web site or LinkedIn  

If you are serious about being very good at Google Ads management, It is a must! 

Always you need to enrich your theoric information with practice.

For detailed information, please check: https://landing.google.com/academyforads/ 

Key Takeaways 

If you have no time, this list will be useful. 

  1. Firstly Google Ads is an excellent tool for advertising.  
  2. Before you dive into managing, campaigns learn basics: CPC, CPM, CTR Conversions 
  3. Think about “channels.” Ask yourself where is the best place (search results, YouTube, blogs, etc.) to reach your audience. 
  4. Stay updated! 
  5. Be skeptic. Always ask questions! 
  6. Never underestimate creatives (Image ads, text ads content) 
  7. Always test. 
  8. Add value to your customers. Offer new campaign types 
  9. Do not delay your routine works 
  10. Not be impatient. Give enough time for your campaigns and machine learning 
  11. Try to do different searches and see ads examples 
  12. Try to improve yourself Google Ads related topics; Math, Statistic, Economy, Marketing, Advertising, Programming


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