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Common Mistakes in Google Ads

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid
Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Google Ads is a great marketing platform with numerous features. Text ads, image ads, shopping ads, video ads, you name it. Such broad options need some expertise to some degree. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes.

Disclaimer: These tips are a product of personal experience, especially depending on account industry, budget, product, market etc. These tips do not guarantee increasing your account performances.

Causes of Google Ads Mistakes

Causes of Google Ads mistakes
Causes of Google Ads mistakes

Every failure has a reason. Here are the common Google Ads mistakes reason;

Underestimating Google Ads’ Potential

Yes, it is pretty simple to create a campaign in Google Ads, but it is just the beginning!

Believing in Myths

Thanks to the popularity of Google Ads, there are now a lot of myths about Google Ads. Believing in them can lead you to make those common mistakes.

Not Using All Features 

As we said before Google Ads has great campaign features. Not using them can only result in missed opportunities.

Being in a Rush

Just like the other things in the universe; Google Ads takes time, too! Making a lot of alterations in a short time can lead to a failed analysis or simple mistakes.

Ignoring Data 

Google Ads has great reporting features and detailed metrics. You should be able to understand these reports. Being emotional about creatives and campaigns can have a negative impact on your performance. 

Common Google Ads Mistakes 

Not Using Conversions

Without a conversion metric, there is no way to understand which campaign performs well.  

Dull Landing Pages 

Landing pages are important factors for conversions. Boring landing pages, or mainstream web pages can lead to miss a lot of conversion. 

Not Filtering Useless Traffic

Check your search terms, image or video ads placements periodically. If you see anything that is not relevant to your target audience, you can leave that information out.

Sloppy Creatives 

Creatives can affect CTRs and conversions. Try your best! Do not forget that you pay money to show those creatives!

Not Providing Any Advantage for Customer 

Today, customers are generally well-educated. They do their research before buying a product. If your product has a lot of bad reviews or your price is not competitive, your conversion rates are going to be low.

Using Wrong Bidding Type 

Bidding type has a big impact on your cost. Using wrong bidding types may end up in paying high CPC for non-converting users. It takes time to fully understand and be good at bidding types. Therefore, do your research about bidding methods.

Not Creating Campaign for Branding Keywords 

If you do not bid for your branded keywords; your rivals will.

Being Too Open or Close Minded for New Features 

Google Ads is constantly changing. Naturally, these changes are often promoted online. Trying to adopt and use every new feature without questioning is not good. Similarly, being too conservative about changing is bad, as well. Try to analyze and test new features. If they seem practical, do not hesitate to use them! 

Not Setting up Remarketing 

Remarketing is a very effective marketing option, if you want to increase conversions at a low price (in most cases).

Ignoring Seasonality

Almost in every industry, customer interests change time to time. For example, if you are selling snow tires, you should not expect high interests on summer months. You need to adjust your campaigns for seasonality. 

Posting Irrelevant Ads Unconsciously 

Without a good targeting, your ads can be irrelevant to user intent. This will bring low relevance score, quality score and conversion rate. For example, if you have a t-shirt store; you can use “t-shirt” keyword (it is too broad, not recommended for most advertisers) your ad might be shown under “printing your own t-shirt”, “DIY T-shirt” etc. Users will click your ads (without reading your ad copy) and pop back to results page, as their intent is not buying t-shirts. Moreover, your page and ad copy does not contain “DIY T-shirt” or “print your own,” so your quality score will be low, as well.  
If you regularly check your campaigns it won’t be such a big problem. Just block “DIY,” “print your own” keywords. (Note: Do not forget to choose more specific keywords, either) 

Having a Complex Account Structure 

In fact, Google Ads account structure is very flexible and subjective. If you can manage and analyze your campaigns, it won’t be a problem, but commonly, irregular structures cause confusion.  

Choosing The Easiest Campaigns Every Time 

Like everything in life, Google Ads requires some effort. Creating easy campaigns on your own may result in low conversion rates. 

Treating All Products or Services Same 

Almost in every company, some products or services bring more profit than others. Generally, it is a bad idea to set same bid for every product or service. Some bidding types (for example, maximizing conversion value) might be useful for getting more quality conversions. 

Here are different types; Target ROAS, Target CPA, Manual Bidding, Smart Bidding etc.  You should choose your bidding type according your business goals. 

Wrong Location Settings 

Google Ads platform has different settings for the location targeting.  
Targeting people in X city and doing research about options can make a difference. If your account is about tourism, then it is legit to choose a planner. However, if your account is about local stores, there is no need to show your ads planner. 
You will see this option under campaign settings. 

Not Previewing Own Ads 

Yes, your ad will be published; but still, it is useful to preview your ads with an ad diagnostic tool. If you make a mistake while creating your ads, notice it before everyone else. 

Not Being Mobile Friendly! 

If you are reading this post, you know the importance of being mobile friendly. How to improve mobile version, when your website is already suitable for mobile? Here are some tips:

  • Check your mobile speed score 
  • Choose short texts in search ads for mobile. (long sentences may be cropped on mobile) 
  • Be sure your image and video ads are attractive and readable on mobile 
  • Create mobile-only campaigns 
  • Check your landing pages and payment process on a mobile device 
  • If your industry is suitable, create a mobile app 

Not Checking Account Regularly 

Do not to make frequent changes, but do check your account regularly. Be sure everything is on the right track. 

Being Too Aggressive 

Maybe your account budget is very high or almost unlimited. Yes, it is a great thing, but do not be push it too hard. User can be tired of your ads. Especially, consider it for image and video ads. There is a very easy solution for this; use frequency limit. With this setting, you can set a limit to how many users an ad is reaching to.


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