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How to Become a Digital Marketer?

How to be a digital marketer?
How to be a digital marketer?

Yes, I am aware that the title is little bit assertive, but it will be a humble and useful post. At least, I will try my best to keep it that way. Being a “Digital Marketer” is complicated and hard as it includes SEO, knowledge about UX Design, SEM, marketing, content marketing and so much more. So, we try to create a handy guide for digital marketer candidates. If you are already an experienced digital marketer, you may consider this post as a simple checklist. 

Boring, but Essential: Theory

“Digital” stands for almost all works you do with a computer; creating and managing digital marketing accounts, making adjustments, understanding analytics, calculating expectations, understanding the algorithms of search engines and social media platforms, troubleshooting, editing creatives etc. 

It is obvious what “Marketing” part stands for. Finding and executing good marketing ideas. Creating high quality, appealing copies choosing best creatives, product positioning, etc. are some aspects of marketing.

What Do I Need to Know? 

Honest note: It is very difficult for one person to know everything perfectly, but try to improve yourself! 
(Entries are listed in alphabetical order) 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Understanding search engines. 
SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Understanding paid search ads. 
Social Media Management: It is obvious. No description needed. 
Social Media Marketing: It is easy, but optimizing social ads requires experience and specializing.  
Analytics: This is the hard part. It is vital to understand how websites and ads work. There are a lot of metrics to learn.  
Content Marketing: It is about creating great content! 
PR: You need to go offline sometimes! You might support your digital ads with billboards. 
Web Design, UI, UX: What makes one website good or bad. What is UI, What is UX? Why are they important? Find answers and study about it. 
Graphic Design: What is “px”, resolution, JPEG, PNG or contrast? Why sometimes you need to talk with your graphic designer? Also, sometimes you might become a “graphic designer”. 

Digital Marketing

It Looks Difficult! How can I Improve Myself?

Yes, I know it looks a bit difficult, but is fun, too! Luckily, there are lots of great resources out there about digital marketing. 

Official Resources: Both Facebook and Google Ads have great resources. Their resources are detailed and useful. Check it out:

Third Party Resources: Blogs, digital marketing websites are great resources to stay updated. 
Social Media Accounts: If you do not have time for reading blogs, you can follow the useful and informative accounts on social media. Making it a habit is perfect for learning new things. 
Practice, Practice, Practice: It is impossible to learn digital marketing only in theory. You should manage accounts, create ads, check SEO performances and much more. You should test your abilities in real life situations.  
Forums, Question Portals: These portals are great for brainstorming and finding answers. Thanks to these websites, you can also get to see different points of view. 
Job Listings: You do not need to apply for jobs; just check which abilities companies require for a position related to digital marketing. Also, it is good to have some insight about the industry. 
Do Not Block Ads: Yes, I will be honest. Sometimes ads can be really annoying, but if you block ads, you cannot see different ad types. Check banners, think about what would make them better. If the banner looks bad, try to guess why. This kind of brainstorming can enhance your marketing skills.   
Your Own Questions: Have brainstorming sessions with yourself! Think how to contribute to the digital marketing area? 

Am I a Good Digital Marketer?

It is a good and honest question! Do not forget that being good or successful is completely subjective, but let’s try to define it a little bit.
Bring Money for Your Customers: If your campaigns have good ROI, and if your customers earn well, it is definitely a great thing. Keep it up! 
Attract Attention to Your Brand: Sometimes brand’s priority can be brand recognition. If you achieve this goal, congratulations.  
Adapt to Different Situations: In your digital marketing career, naturally, you will work different marketing budgets and industries. So, you cannot adopt “one size fit all” approach. You should create different marketing strategy for different scenarios. Honestly, it is not easy and it is almost impossible to be good at every industry.  
Good Personal Branding: You should use your skills for yourself. Also, it is important to get new customers or jobs. 
Experience: Like any jobs, you need some time to be very good at it. Check 10.000-hour rule! 
Know the Theory: Try to learn about marketing theory, statistics or psychology. 
Keep Updated: You should follow the news about digital marketing so that new features become familiar. 
What is Your Criteria?: Like I said before; being “good” or “successful” is completely subjective. So, what is your criteria? 

Does World Need New Digital Marketers?

Absolutely, yes! Companies, brands, celebrities need perfect digital marketers. In digital marketing area, they have an infinite marketing opportunity. As they know it, the pursuit for great digital marketers never ends. 

What to Avoid as a Digital Marketer?

  • Never say “I know everything; no need to discuss.” 
  • There are a lot of recommendations, tips (like this blog post) about digital marketing area. Do not apply all these things directly to your campaigns without thinking, testing and researching about it. 
  • Do not try to learn everything with experience, or theory. One is useless unless accompanied by the other. 
  • Do not say: “OK, the campaign structure/budget allocation/ad copy/ad creatives is perfect!” You can always do better. 
  • Do not make changes in a very short time. Usually, you will only make things worse. 
  • It is possible to “like” or “dislike” some marketing platforms, but do not judge harshly. Think of your customers’ brands requirements first. 
  • Do not underestimate any marketing part. Ad copies, target optimization, budget allocation, time rotation, bidding methods, landing page optimization, etc. Every step is important.


We have try to create the useful guide for soon-to-be digital marketers! I hope it was helpful.  If you are an experienced digital marketer, consider this post as a quick checklist.


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