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How to Be More Accessible on Social Media?

Accessibility is one of the important metrics on social media. Obviously, you wish the content you share to deliver as many people as possible. Well, how to achieve this?

Do Not Prejudge, Trust the Data

You can guess in which content your followers will attend or at around what time will they interact with your content more. Once you contribute a lot to the content, you can be sure it will get a good reach. However, all of these may lead you to behave emotionally. Thus, try testing and comparing various sharing types, and make data-driven decisions.

Assort with Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms changes and develops rapidly, new features come out. When using the social media platform, you’ve probably seen that it offers you a new type of sharing.

This is all to say, whichever sharing type is offered to you, try it if it is possible/suits your business.

This brings several advantages:

  • As you use a new feature, the users will think that you are a modern brand that adapts immediately to innovations,
  • You will probably start using this feature before your competitors,
  • If you get good results, you can continue to share their content in this type of sharing,
  • Social media platforms will probably inform the user side about the new feature. Users who are interested in this new feature may also be interested in your content.

Create Your Content for Social Media!

This rule is valid in every field of social media: “creating the content for the platform it will be used”.

For instance, before posting news on social media, consider whether the image you add to your website is compatible with social media.

A simple example:

Let’s assume you made a long campaign announcement. Do not copy and paste this to social media as it is, shorten it if possible, or describe it with an image.

Both Visual and Content Quality Are Important

Content: For example, assume that you manage social media accounts of an e-commerce website. If you make a low-impact discount announcement, the reach will probably be low. Moreover, users who are offended by the discount rate may comment negatively and this will affect your reach adversely.

In sum, if you are making an announcement to your target audience to increase your reach, it is important that this announcement is a real one.

Visual Quality: Every passing day, users are getting more and more professional in using social media. Hence, businesses ought to share more professionally. It will be useful to receive support from a graphic designer who is successful in the field of social media. For sure, the quality of the design indirectly points out the reliability of your business and products.

Do Not Be Hasty!

Do not rush in increasing your reach on social media. Although social media is used extensively for professional purposes, it is still a platform that people use to socialize and communicate with each other. No matter how successful posts your shares are, aggressive activities may result in getting negative feedback from the users.

You can naturally increase your reach over time by specifying a program, complying with it, and working systematically.

Adapt the Recommended Sizes

Social media platforms publish guidelines with recommended sizes for almost every type of sharing.

Herein, there are two major points to pay attention:

  1. Recommended sizes, aspect ratio, etc. (Not mandatory, advisory),
  2. Technical limits (It is not possible to go beyond these measures).

Thus, the fact you can share something does not mean that you comply with the recommended sizes (that your image is withing accepted technical limits).

Although the first point is advisory, following the recommendations can increase your reach.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction!

If the customers of the company you are promoting on social media are not satisfied with or are complaining about the company, the comments part will be filled with negative comments and complaints. And so, this will decrease your reach.

The opposite is also possible. If the users of a company are pleased, they will be prone to like and share its posts, and commentate positively. Eventually, this will positively influence your reach.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is pretty important for a company and it indirectly affects its success in social media.

Do Not Forget Mobile

We are in an era where smartphones outperform computers in accessing the internet. Although you are using your computer to share the posts, don’t forget to check them on your mobile phone.

Turn the Failures into Opportunities!

Check not only the popular posts but also the ones with the least interaction. Try to spot and investigate the problems. Taking lessons from feedbacks will positively affect your social media success.

Social Media Management Should Not Be Far From The Company Itself

Another major issue in the digital commerce world is the lack of communication. For instance, your social media manager may be working out of the office, or you may be using outsourcing for this service.

Although your social media manager or the agent is decent in their field, they may not gather all the information regarding your product or industry immediately.

In the present case, you need to give your support.

  • What do customers care about when purchasing in your industry?
  • Why is your brand preferable or unpreferable?
  • What are your advantages/disadvantages as per your competitors?
  • Which are your products with the lowest/highest profit margins?
  • What the campaigns/discounts are planned during the year?

If you share important tips, like the above-mentioned, that your social media manager may not be aware, your social media team will prepare more accurate content.


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