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How to Become a Social Media Marketer?

This question gains popularity lately. In fact, there is no special formula to follow for being a social media marketer. It just needs some specialization and experience. Also, reading these tips about “How to improve my social media marketing skills”. Let’s check them;

Understanding Social Media Platforms

Every giant social media platform has its own story. Also, social media platforms are used for different objectives. Besides, content types, jargon will differ for platforms. With the help of some research, you may spot interesting stats. Check these stats. If you truly understand platforms, you will have the ability to guess social media platforms’ next moves and prepare your marketing efforts accordingly.

Understanding E-Commerce and Web Nature

As a social media marketer, your home is social media. It is OK, but sometimes you need to work cooperatively with other team members. To deal with this effectively, you need some basic technical info.

An example: let’s imagine you are working for an e-commerce site. You may want to create a campaign for increasing sales of the company you are working for. Your ads should redirect users to your product pages. In this case, if your landing pages are not designed well, or they are slow, probably your conversion rate will drop. Also, if the website has rather complicated purchase steps, it will affect negatively your conversions too.

As a solution, you may train and prepare yourself for similar situations.

Knowledge About Visual Communication

Social media posts are heavily dominated by images or videos. Perhaps, you won’t create them and you work cooperatively with a designer, but you still need some knowledge for telling the designer if you like the designs or not.

You need to understand the trends and the basics for visual communication in order to determine the framework of the designs you will demand from the graphic designer.

Note: Some companies may demand a social media manager that creates social media images on their own. If you develop yourself in graphic design and video editing, it will increase your chances of getting a job.

Details Are Important!

People work with social media marketers for getting great results on social media. If you make a lot of or some mistakes, they will think “If I manage my accounts myself, I would manage like this, too! I am paying for nothing!” Yes, it seems bad. Surely, nobody is perfect but it is necessary to perform your job correctly. Thus, double-check your posts carefully before publishing them. Also, get a second opinion from your friends, they may catch errors you missed before.

Do Not Be Boring!

Maybe you can choose safe, obvious content for avoiding getting negative comments or reactions. It may look safe but it is risky too. Your agency or business owner may think your content is boring. Your mission is not “not making mistakes”. Instead, it is to have social media work for your business. You need to make all the differences.

Be Tidy!

It is valid for almost all businesses, but social media management requires meticulousness.
Because you need to;

  • create a content plan on time,
  • manage posts approval process,
  • publish posts on time or scheduling posts for correct timing,
  • check messages and comments regularly.

Maybe it looks quite easy when looking from outside, but when you manage a lot of accounts simultaneously, the situation gets more and more difficult. Also, you have to follow post image reviews, edit, and approve the process. If you are tidy and punctual, it will be easier to properly manage these challenges.

Be Prepares for Crisis

Social media managers should always be prepared for crisis. Bad news spread very fast on the web. Maybe, demonstrating bad situations would be useful to be up to. Plus, staying calm is particularly important here.

Check Latest News and Trends

Checking news for social media:
In social media platforms, something changes almost every day! It requires a close following.
Checking news generally:
Tracking the news on the media is a personal choice but we think it is mandatory for social media managers. It is especially needed for not missing any important information. Accordingly, you may need to make changes to your content schedule for important statuses.

Improve Your Theoretical Knowledge

Although social media management seems like a cool, tending concept, you need a certain background in this field. For example, marketing. You need to know how to market products and the effects of different campaign types.

In sum, social media management feeds on many branches of science such as psychology, visual arts, statistics, marketing, communication, graphics, and public relations. For this reason, a good social media manager must master such disciplines.

Improve Your Presenting Skills

Basically, it is required for 2 cases (not a complete list)

Getting a job as a social media manager: It is obvious that if you cannot present your agency or freelancer skills well, your chance for getting the job will drop.

Reporting for business owners: Business owners pay for social media services, so they want to obtain results. An effective and detailed presentation, as well as preparing reports will be useful.

Learn Analyzing

If your accounts are not using ads, your task is -relatively- easier. But, when you manage campaigns, you will need to analyze results and will be data-driven. Ask these questions: What is the cost per sale and how can we decrease it? Which campaign performs better, and why? How to manage your marketing budget effectively?

Additionally, you need to improve yourself on marketing metrics.

Learn 3rd Party Tools

They are required as:

1) You will manage your campaigns more effectively with these tools.

2) A lot of businesses/agencies demand the ability to use 3rd party tools.
You may think you do not need any tool, but while changing your agency, or getting a new business they might request experience in using 3rd party tools.

Doing research about 3rd part tools, or using them would be useful for your career.

Training for Understanding Your Industry

While you are working with new businesses, you are targeting and communicating with different users. You should learn about industry dynamics, as well as what is valuable for users (e.g. what are the common problems in the industry).

Gain Experience and Certificates

Without actually being a part of any marketing team or doing marketing, it is pretty hard to gain real experience. Especially at the “beginner” level, you can try to gain more experience by putting financial worries on the back burner.

Certificates could make your job seeking process easier. Plus, you can learn useful things while you are studying for certification exams. Do some research for earning trustful, valuable certificates.


Being a social media marketer is an enjoyable and inspiring thing. You should be always learning new things and I think it is splendid. I wish you the best of luck with your social media marketing career!


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