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How to Improve Average Basket Size?

In e-commerce, average basket size or average order value is great metrics to improve. There are a bunch of ways of improving those. Let’s check them out!

Free Shipment Above X Orders

It could motivate users to increase their basket size. But the important thing is making it visual and clear. If you tell this to the user in the end, maybe the user prefers paying shipping cost rather than start shopping again.

Recommended Products, “Also See These”, etc.

You must see this part of e-commerce. These parts usually below on product pages. These section performance should be checked periodically. If it does not perform well, perhaps your e-commerce software does not choose proper items or it is about design problems (section is not visible enough). Making changes and testing again would be useful to bear with this challenge.

Recommended Products On Basket Page

While users completing their purchase, you may recommend some complementary or additional products. But this part could be risky since users may want to check these products and it would cause cart abandonment. With proper analyzing you can this ratio. Also adding low or middle priced products to these parts would be a good idea. Users might add to basket low/middle-priced products easier.

Reviewing Your E-Commerce UX

Your UX may;
choose your product and complete your order immediately, or
choose your product, add to the basket, continue shopping, add another product to the basket, continue shopping, and complete your order.

Both of them are acceptable but verify whether your system is compatible with your goals.

Also, it should not be forgotten that your e-commerce navigation must be user-friendly and well-organized.

Promotions, Discounts About Above X Orders

Creating campaigns and promotions would be useful for increasing conversions and average basket size. Special discounts for above X orders or Gifts for above X orders would be preferred.

Reviewing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Check your marketing budget and review it for high priced products. If your high-priced products have low visibility, it would have a negative effect on their sales naturally. Also, conversion paths may longer than low or middle priced products. You may need to create additional campaigns for them (like re-marketing). At this point, your task would be conversion and budget optimization.

Consider Improving Your Product Spectrum

Think about widening your product spectrum. Maybe you have great brand recognition and users love your brand, but you do not have enough product alternatives for them! It is not an easy decision, but just bear it in mind.

Customize Your E-Commerce For the User

While the user signed in your e-commerce platform or they have visited some products, your platform customizes itself dynamically. Simplest example: if your user visited a lot of camping products, you would show camping category products carousel on your homepage. Also, showing the user the last visited items on the homepage may be advantageous.

Improve Your Brand Recognition

It may affect indirectly but if users do not trust your e-commerce, surely they won’t buy a lot of products from your brand. Besides, your operation quality is important here. For instance, the user purchases low priced items, and if he/she sees your shipment is fast and your packaging looks good, next time he/she might buy more valuable products from your brand.

Review Your Ads

Digital marketing platforms have great potential for increasing your average basket size.
Creating bundle products and promoting them would be useful. Also, you may use “free shipping above X orders” to encourage your users to increase their basket size.

Mutual Feature of Lot Of Marketing Platforms: With dynamic remarketing, your marketing platform would show you the users’ last visited products and other similar products which they might like.


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