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How to Increase Google Ads Quality Score

Google Ads Quality Score; briefly tells your keyword success. It is important because it directly affects your cost per click. The cost per click decreases when your quality score is high.
The quality score varies between 1-10 (10 being the best). However, if there is no enough data, you will see “-” sign. Lets’s check how to increase our keyword score.

This guide is created based on our experience and subjective thoughts. It does not guarantee any improvements and all responsibility for your account belongs to you.

Practical Guide (Not theoretical, only simple tips)

Think About Your Keyword Matching Type

Do not ignore search terms!

For example, let us assume your keyword was “bike” and you are selling bikes. Your keyword would trigger the search term “how to ride a bike“. In this case, user could click your ad without attention, and see the bikes you are selling and the subjected prices. He/she probably wouldn’t be interested in your products because he/she is actually just looking for some information and doesn’t need a bike. Consequently, the user would click the undo button in a short time. Hence;

1) You would have to pay for this click too.
2) It is bad for your quality score (because the user was not interested in your site).

What is the solution?
1) Be aware of the difference between keyword and search term.
2) Check your search terms regularly and block irrelevant queries. If you do this regularly, you will minimize irrelevant clicks. This is good for both your budget and your quality score.

Your Web Site Structure Should be Marketing-Friendly

If your website is well-organised, your job is easy at this point ans it will be relatively simple to check it.

Is it possible to get links for categories, landing pages?
For example, you might want to create a campaign for bikes for men.


If it is not possible to get URLs like this, as an instance, when the user filters bikes for men only, the URL can stay the same. So, you should talk to your developer about it.

Check On-Site Problems


If your site is slow, it would affect your marketing efforts in a bad manner.


Design of your site does not have to be perfect. Yet, if your site looks awful, the user might click the undo button.

Price / Availability

If your product prices are too high or not clear, users would dislike it. Besides, once the products are out of stock, users might search them elsewhere. There are a lot of solutions for out-of-stock products: offering similar products, adding “warn me when the product in the stock” button to your site, disabling ads for out of stock products, and so on. By the way, which solution you should choose depends on your marketing strategy.

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

It is one of the most ignored, argued parts.
Let’s check two keywords.

“bike prices”
“electric bike prices”

“bike prices” keyword triggers “electric bike prices”, too.

It is very easy to prevent this problem. Add a negative keyword for “electric” to “bike prices” included an ad group (ad group or campaign level, it depends on the structure of your accounts).

This way, when the user searches “electric bike prices”, only the “electric bike prices” keyword triggers it. Its ad copy may/should be more relevant to this search term.

Do Not Use Too Many Keyword per Ad Group

Your ad copy has a keyword limit and it is natural. Thus, you cannot succeed to insert every keyword in your ad copy. To prevent this, do not use a high amount of keyword in your ad group. If possible, consider Single Keyword Ad Group strategy.

Wait For Enough Data

Do not be in a hurry. You need some time, views, and clicks for being sure about your keywords’ quality score.

Theory: What is Quality Score and How It is Calculated

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is a metric in Google Ads. It shows performance of the keywords.

How Quality Score is Calculated?

The quality score has three factors;

Expected CTR
Ad Relevance
Landing Page Relevance

Additionally, you can check these metrics for improving your quality score.

How Quality Score Affects CPC

If your ad is highly relevant to user intent, you will probably pay less than other competitors. If your account and landing pages are not well-optimized, your CPCs would increase.


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