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Influencer Marketing Tips

Influencer marketing, briefly, is to cooperate with people, who have a specific influence on social media, to promote products.

What to Consider While Determining the Influencer to Work with?

Product/Service-Influencer Adaptation

Under normal conditions, would that influencer buy that product? For instance, the promotion of a camp tent by an influencer who has never camped before or is not interested in outdoor sports will not seem convincing. The service/product you offer should be ordinary and suitable for the influencer you choose to have the promotion campaign more persuasive.

How Do Influencers Create Content?

You may obtain information regarding the content creation style of an influencer by considering his/her previous posts. For example, if you want your product to be promoted in detail, you may investigate to what extent the influencer took care of the details on the former posts.

Are Influencer’s Followers Organic?

Your potential influencer may have lots of followers apparently, but you should query to what extent are those numbers real. You can simply verify whether those followers are organic or not using some paid/free tools. Another practical but uncertain way of doing this is to examine the reactions, comments, and likes. You should question whether there is a proportion between the number of followers and interaction.

What Products and Services Has the Influencer Promoted Before?

There may be some advantages and disadvantages of choosing an influencer that has introduced the products of your competitor before. On the one hand, this may have you lose the potential customer’s trust. For example, if an influencer was saying “I am so satisfied with the product X that I will use it from now on” two months ago and she/he starts promoting product Y, which is a competitor of product X, it will create confusion.

On the other hand, we should remember the fact that influencers do this as their job. Hence, it would not be realistic to expect them to work with a single product/brand in each field. Once the products are promoted objectively, there will be nothing to hesitate. In other words, both products X and Y have their own pros and cons, and so the consumer is free to choose whichever.

Tip: Even if the influencer you work with has never worked with one of your competitors, she/he may do this after working with you. To prevent such confusion, you should state your “red lines” and take his/her written acknowledgment. By the way, you should consult an expert lawyer or respective department of your company about the content and conditions of the contract.

How to Conduct Share Analysis?

You should decide how will you measure the effectiveness of the influencer after publishing the content that promotes your product or your brand. We can try various methods for this such as the following.

You May Use Shortened Links: You can create a link that is special to your influencer (i.e. a promotion/discount link) using related services. Afterward, you can examine the performance of the link in the reports of the URL shortening service you use.

You May Use Customized URL’s: By customizing your links, you can access performance reports through analysis tools on your site.

You May Create A Special Promotion or Discount Code for the Influencer: This is an efficient and favorite way that shows the effect of the Influencer on sales.

PPC and Influencer Marketing Should Not Be Compared to Each Other

One should not put PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, which is pay per click social media and search engine ads, and influencer marketing in the same equation.

One of the most important advantages of PPC Marketing is budget control lies with your hand. You can keep up with the spending minute-by-minute, and pause the campaign if something goes wrong. Also, if you feel satisfied with the results, you can increase the budget or the amount you pay per click. In sum, if you follow the account closely, you are unlikely to encounter some bad surprises in PPC marketing.

On the other hand, in influencer marketing that is out of the question. Somehow, it is similar to traditional advertisements. You make the agreement, transact the payment, and start waiting for the results.

However, this does not mean that the influencer market is inefficient.

For instance, you organize a campaign and may not satisfy with the results. Accordingly, you may choose to go forward with the search engine and social media ads. The potential customers you reach via those channels can see the content of the influencer related to your product while searching for your product. They will probably be convinced and decide to buy it.

In short, soever the reporting resources have improved a good bit, you cannot measure all benefits or the psychological effects of the campaign. Hence, while creating influencer marketing campaigns, one should avoid making consideration only over the advertisements.

Influencer marketing not only attracts followers but also influence their thoughts about your product. Thus, from this aspect, it is a pretty strong marketing method.

Influencer Marketing Should Be a Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing will work out better when it is used together with other marketing channels and applied schemingly.

Let’s examine how can you support influencer marketing using other channels:

  • After the influencer marketing campaign, your brand may be searched on search engines. You can reach users who want to learn about your brand by creating branding campaigns in search engine advertising.
  • Your advertisement expenses will increase before seasons that are highly competitive such as Valentine’s Day. You can support the digital marketing campaigns you create, with influencer marketing.
  • Use some photos of your influencer in the ads by receiving his/her approval.
  • Remarket on social media to users who come to your website as a result of influencer marketing, to follow your social media accounts.

In sum, you should use influencer marketing with a specific marketing strategy.


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