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Local SEO Guide

Local SEO has importance for business branches that deliver their services and products to the consumers physically/corporeally. We can describe “local SEO” as the optimizations that companies make to reach the top of the searches made by consumers who are physically close to them. Well, what to consider in local SEO optimization?

Disclaimer: These tips are based on individual experiences, and they do not assure an improvement in the local SEO performance.

Do Not Forget Usual SEO Rules!

In fact, you will probably turn up trumps when you create a website that is useful for the users, rich in content, and complies with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. For this reason, you should conduct your research based on basic SEO criteria before focusing on local SEO.

In other words, if your website does not offer any worthwhile content and discharge webmaster guidelines, it will be tough to get good results in local SEO activities.

Google My Business Optimization (and Management) Are Important!

Let’s briefly examine what to pay attention in using Google My Business.

Correct Entry of Information: The most basic point. Up-to-date status of working hours, location information, and so on.
Use of Quality Images: Use of good quality and professional business photos as possible. Moreover, if your budget is sufficient, you may get professional support in this field.
Sharing the Update Regularly: One can share posts in Google My Business just as on any other social media platform. These posts are referred to as “Updates” in Google My Business. By the way, regularly sharing on this section can positively influence your Google My Business performance indirectly on your local SEO ranking.

Managing the Comments, Questions, and Answers: Responding to incoming comments in a little while, and timely is of great importance. Indeed, if customer satisfaction is sufficient in the business, this will probably influence the votes and rankings positively.

You May Use Local SEO Based Domain

For sure, the priority in domain preference will be “.com”, yet if your priority is local SEO, you may consider local domains, as well. Just to be on the safe side, you can buy both “.com” and the local domain and direct your domain. Thus, you will not miss the users who accidentally type “.com” instead of the local domain.

Which Domains Can You Use?

If your business targets only the users from your city, you may use extensions that are specific to it (e.g. website.hamburg, website.brussels). In fact, at that point, some luck comes into play as not each city has its own domain extension. You may take a look at List of Internet top-level domains article in Wikipedia for a wide list with respect to this.

Note: No domain has as much recognition and user habits as “.com”. Hence, bear in mind that you will expose to this disadvantage somehow when you choose various domains.

Optimize Your Social Media Accounts for Your Local SEO!

It has been a common opinion that social media performance implicitly affects SEO performance. It makes sense when you think about it. In a word, a reputable website that users will be interested in will grab the attention in social media.

Moreover, it may be advantageous to fill the sections about location in your social media accurately, to highlight the hours of work, and to specify your location in the posts you share.

Optimize Your “Contact Us, About Us, Our Branches” Pages

Although these pages are considered standard, there may always some points to improve.

  • You may operate Google Maps to show the location of your business. If you think it will help find your address, you can add a descriptive image. However, you should avoid adding only the image without using Google Maps.
  • Add your contact information, working hours, and how long you reply to the messages on the Contact page in detail. If available include your business fixed-line telephone number, as well. Furthermore, it will be advantageous to add your phone number as a link to call when clicked.
  • It will be favored to prepare the About Us section in a detailed and informative manner. In addition to this, update this page whenever there are significant business developments.
  • If you have several branches, it is vital to show them in a user-friendly layout using a filter. If you wish, you may create independent pages for each branch, and include information such as the branch’s location on Google Maps, working hours, and special campaigns. Although this process is relatively challenging, it will add your local SEO performance and user experience.


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