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SEO Tips For E-Commerce Websites

Marketing costs can be huge for e-commerce sites. Investing on SEO can be a lifesaver in the long run. E-commerce area is quite competitive, so our task is not easy at all. Let’s look at the tips to get more organic clicks. 

Actionable SEO Tios for E-commerce Website
Actionable SEO Tios for E-commerce Website


With some developer support, the technical part will not pose a challenge. Still, it is possible to encounter a lot of technical SEO mistakes on e-commerce sites. Here are some technical SEO tips for e-commerce. 

URL Structure: Your URLs should be easily understandable. Complex, meaningless URLs might affect your SEO negatively.  

H Tags: Use H Tags wisely. Most e-commerce sites assign H tags automatically, but it requires caution. For example:

  • You should use one h1 every page (it is the maximum limit for h1) . 
  • You should not use h3, if you haven’t used h2 yet. 

Not Using Structured Data: In short, structured data is informing Google about your content type by applying some coding rules. For example, if you post a job listing on your web page, you will see some “code templates” for these type of contents. Applying these could make your SERP look better, and it can increase your CTR. 

E-commerce sites can use the product data structure.
Check this link: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/product 


If your returned visitor ratio is a very low, search engines may consider that your website is not useful. Try to provide a great shopping experience. Let’s check the optimization tips for a great shopping experience: 

Sufficient Information About Products

Always be transparent about the features of your product. If your product information area is empty, user will try to find information on another web page. 

Hassle-Free Payment Process

Try to provide comprehensive payment methods as much as you can. Complex payment processes will result in “card abandonment” 

Be Transparent About Prices, Costs and Campaigns

If your marketing methods are dishonest, users can easily understand it which may cause them to stop visiting your site. 

Give Reason for Another Visit

Today, users/people do not shop for their needs only. Shopping is a hobby now! Create campaigns, promotions, surprises, countdowns and many more! Use your creativity.

Reward Comments

Encourage your users to comment. Comments, reviews and points are good signals for search engines. Sometimes encouraging comments, or attractive UI texts alone may not be enough to get comments. If possible, give rewards to users who post useful comments. Also, your visitors would want to read the comments section before buying. Comments are powerful to increase your sales. 

Note: Never make comments yourself. It is easily recognizable by users, and not ethical.

Organize Your Web Site Well

Think twice or much more to categorize your products. Wrong categorizing may cause various problems.  


Design is vital for e-commerce. Users want clean and high quality designs. Let’s go through some design tips:

(If Possible) Use Your Brand Colors for the Design

This will increase your brand recognition. Buttons, menus, sliders… All elements must be consistent with each other. 

Check Your Designs For Mobile

Do not forget to check your designs on a mobile device! 

Do Not Scare Users with Boring Form Designs:

Everyone knows that filling out a form is boring. However, designing a proper style for forms looks cooler, and is easy to fill.

SEO Tips For E-Commerce Basic Topics
SEO Tips For E-Commerce Basic Topics


“Content” is a tricky term for e-commerce because users do not visit (not their first goal) e-commerce platforms to get information. 

It is not because of poor product details pages, or blogs with insufficient information. The product detail is a key factor. Copy/paste product descriptions will damage your SEO. Having a user generated content strategy is also helpful. Product comments, user photos with a product (with user consent) will make great content!  

Sometimes users need information while they are shopping. For example, choosing a good printer can be hard for non-technical users. Having a good printer selection guide will help your customers stay on your website.

Let’s look at the benefits of a content type like this: 

  1. The user would find answers to buy a printer.  
  2. The user would appreciate useful answers.
  3. Other users (searching for which printer they really need) can find this e-commerce site via search engine results.
  4. Search engines would reward this site for having a great content.


Search engines love trustworthy and long-term projects. Creating a long-term project has almost the same meaning as branding. 

Social media activity, website design, customer service, seasonal discounts (to show your e-commerce site is up-to-date) will help you stand out in a search result. 

All of these users will search your e-commerce sites along with your brands. By increasing your branded search, search engines learn that more users wants to reach your site. This is a great signal for high ranking.

Yes, it does not look easy, yet it is needs to be done if you adopt a long-term approach. 


Like any other websites, internal linking plays a huge part of on-site SEO. Internal linking should be executed carefully. In this part, e-commerce type can be decisive. For example, product owner wants more visits to category pages, then category links would be more prominent. If the product owner requires more visit for product pages, the emphasis should be on product pages. 

Breadcrumbs are great for users and search engines, use them!


  • Take your time for the technical part. (H tags, URL structure, using structured data, internal linking) 
  • Create a perfect user and shopping experience (design is very important here) 
  • Take your time to think. Try to build and improve your brand.
  • Content is vital for SEO. It might not be first thing in e-commerce sites, but it may increase SEO performance and user experience.


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