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Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is an unbreakable part of digital marketing. Reducing social media errors will positively affect social media performance. Especially “social media management” is a highly subjective area. Check and criticize the info below. We hope you will find them useful.

Using Social Media For Only Publishing

Using social media for only publishing content does not suit social media nature. Social media is about interaction. Hence, we need more than just publishing something. Instead, asking questions, answering users’ questions, and arranging quizzes, games, freebies, contests would avail the performance of social media platforms.

Too Much or Too Low Automation

Too Much Automation: This could lead to negative user experience. Think about how would you feel about getting automated or “Dear X” type personalized messages.

Too Low or No Automation: Boring and repetitive tasks could lead to decrease productivity. Automation saves time and creates space for creativity and thinking. For example, scheduling is a great feature. In this way, you do not need to be online to post, they are published according to the time you set.

Adjusting Branding Dose

Too much branding could be boring for your audience.

If your branding is not used as required, you may not take the advantages of social media marketing properly.

Following the Schedule Strictly

Creating and executing a well-planned social media schedule is helpful but sometimes it requires more than these. When something special happened, you may need to create and share regarding.

Note: Real-time marketing has both advantages and disadvantages. If you apply it properly, it will create great interaction. Still, be careful about not goofing around.

Not Giving a Reason About Following You

Users can stop following your page/profile if it is not useful or interesting for them.
Here some examples for making your pages more exciting:

  • Freebies
  • Coupons
  • Discount news
  • Additional information about your products
  • Useful, inspiring tips about your industry

Not Using All Features of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms sometimes add new functions and promote them. Being an early adopter of those features would be useful for the performance of your page/profile. Social media platforms change constantly as new features are added frequently. Check them on a regular base, research about them. If they are useful for your business, integrate them into your marketing strategy!

Ignoring Paid Promotions

Especially in the start phase, you may need some paid promotions. Almost every brand wants to expand its exposure to social media, but people do not use social media to display promotional brand posts. It is very natural that the flows of the users (timeline) are filled with the sharing of their friends. Briefly, if it fits your marketing strategy, you may give a chance to social media promotions. When your posts reach a bigger audience (and if your post quality content), they will start liking/sharing/retweeting your posts.

Note: Social media marketing (i.e. paid social media promotion) is a great marketing medium for most industries, but the thing is to use it carefully. Choosing the right strategy and creatives is particularly important. Do not forget to set up conversions, as well as to start with a small budget. Analyze your campaign results and create your strategy accordingly.

Not Synchronizing With Other Marketing Channels

Social media is one of the marketing mediums. Your website, print ads, billboards, TV commercials, brochures, the in-store design must sync with your social media. It requires great coordination.

Not Analyzing the Results

Social media platforms have great analytic resources. Additionally, you could use link shortening or UTM tags for external links. You can also compare visitor mediums and results. For example, you might say that visitors coming to your site via social media provide a higher rate of conversions (shopping, filling out forms, etc.) than visitors who come via e-bulletin, or vice versa.

Interacting with Users via Only Promotions/Gifts

Promotions, sweepstakes are good for interaction but most users join them just to earn something, not because they do care about your page or brand. Indeed, your content should attract users without promising any material benefit.

Choosing the Wrong Platform or Ignoring Useful Platforms

Every social media platform has its own atmosphere, demography, rules, and traditions. Choosing the wrong platform could be irritating for users of this platform. Yet, if you insist that your brand should take part in that platform too, you may choose to decrease your post frequency.

Ignoring a useful platform is a bigger problem than the former. Yes, joining every new platform means giving so much effort, but there is nothing to do. We should try to utilize every useful social media platform that suits our marketing strategy.

Choosing Wrong Influencer(s)

Once Influencer Marketing is used properly, it is very beneficial for social media marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of influencers buy followers/likes. On the other hand, there are a bunch of tools to verify whether someone bought followers/likes or not. Once you make sure your Influencer partner’s followers are real, as well as the profile fits your marketing plan, you could enrich your social media reach with that Influencer.

Changing Social Media Specialist or Agency Too Fast

Changing social media specialist, or social media agency too fast could affect your posts, as well. Every designer or specialist has a different approach, and your careful users will notice it. If every designer/social media specialist obeys the brand guide strictly, this problem might go away.


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