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Social Media Scheduling Guide

Sharing good content is vital for social media but it requires great timing too. Social media scheduling might look easy, but with well-optimizing it could increase our reach. Let’s check what is important for the content schedule.

Your (and Your Team’s) Capacity

It’s obvious, but sometimes it could be skipped. Check your and your team’s availability for creating content. Trying to create a high amount of posts in a short period of time could lead to poor design or mistakes.

Which Frequency is OK for Your Audience?

It depends on industry or brands. If your industry b2b and too technical, your audience might not want to see very frequent updates. However, if your business could be more enjoyable (for example tour companies, sports gears, DIY tools), frequent sharing (without only selling posts) may not bother them. It needs testing.

Nature of Social Media Platform

It is also a determinant factor. Some social media platforms flow faster, some slower. If you specialize in your content schedule (and content) for every social channel, it could increase your performance.

Understanding Human Psychology

It varies in every country, region, business type, or brand. Sometimes users browse more than other times. Or sometimes they are more willing to shop. For instance, if you are selling sunscreen, it is likely that your conversion rate would be higher during the summer months.

Also, it may vary from user to user. Some users are more planned; they may buy sunscreen cream before they arrive at a beach. On the contrary, other users could buy this product in the middle of summer.

Hence, you need testing for the optimal times. In addition, do not forget your audience may not be homogeneous anytime.

Understanding Seasonality

If you are doing marketing for the gift shop, you may increase your sharing frequency during Valentine’s Day. Brands increase their marketing efforts before important days (e.g. Valentine’s day, father’s day, etc.) and this leads the average users to see more ads and posts on these days than normal days. Thus, you may need to increase your sharing frequency for these times.

It All Starts After Posting!

For good social media management, you should be able to handle comments, reviews, questions, as well as reactions.

If you have a lot of followers, you may get a lot of responses after posting. So, you need to take time for responding to your followers too because unanswered comments form a bad image for you.

In sum, you should create a balance in creating posts and managing communication tasks.

Consider Tools and Automation

You do not need to be online in order to publish posts. If you are publishing your posts manually, you may set your life for social media, or vice versa. Trying to handle both might lead to unproductivity. There are a bunch of great social media tools out there and you should consider utilizing them.

Do not Miss Real-Time Marketing Opportunities

You know social media, sometimes one thing gets incredibly popular in a short time and you see everyone starts talking about it. For instance, if anything like this that is related to your business happens, you should consider creating a post regarding this thing immediately as these kinds of posts would be very interesting for your followers, and they would like or share them for sure.

Note: If it is very irrelevant to your business or you do not have the chance to create a great post in a short time, you may pass posting that time as being in a hurry leads to making mistakes and could backfire your social media performance.

Do Not Forget Testing

For data-based decisions, sometimes you need making tests for finding your optimal schedule.

Do Not Always Follow The Routine, Surprise!

Your followers will get used to your posting habits in time. However, you should not always follow a unique flow, or it could be boring. Sometimes change the routine or frequency for engaging the attention.

Note: Social media algorithms mostly like stable and regular content planning. Changing your sharing frequency can result in a decrease in your reach. On the other hand, if there is a lot of interest in the content you share at unexpected times, this may affect your reach positively. You need to think and determine your content schedule carefully.


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