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Tips for Corporate Websites

In corporate websites, in other words, business websites, many areas can be improved (although it varies according to the sector). Let’s examine how to make corporate websites more efficient.

Create a Platform That Can Be Updated Regularly

Having a regularly updating part on your website makes it more dynamic. For example, you can add sections like News From Us, Sectoral News, or Corporate Blog. This contributes to keeping your site updated and grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Go for a Modern Design!

You may have designed your website 4-5 years ago by an expert or an agency you trusted, and indeed this person or organization might have done a great job. However, probably the design of your website is now “old”.

Unfortunately, the trends on the internet change rapidly. In other words, designs that were considered as “trend” a while ago, may suddenly become obsolete. Thus, it would be useful to keep up with this change.

Exercise Due Care to About Us/Contact Pages

“About Us” section will probably receive visits by people who like to do research, want to get to know your business. It would be advantageous to describe your business and the vision and mention some milestones that happened over the years in this section.

On the Contact page, information such as working hours, how long it takes to reply to the incoming messages, and mailing address should be clearly stated. Additionally, making your business phone number clickable would be practical for mobile users.

Make Your Website Functional

We admit that it could be hard to provide any kind of digital transaction from your own website or software.

However, handling most of the processes (e.g. reservations, orders, parcel tracking, technical support requests) on your website as much as possible will have it more functional. The functionality of your site indirectly provides that the announcements and campaigns on your site are seen more.

Let Your Website Complete Your Corporate Communication

The campaigns and announcements on your social media accounts should be the same and designed in the same way as in the store. If you conform to corporate identity guidelines, the communication skills of your business will be strong.

Ensure There Are No Technical Issues On Your Site

You should beware that all the links are operating (you can check it with a dead link control tool). On the other hand, you should make sure that your website is launched perfectly on mobile devices, as well. Especially if your site has form filling and online order functions, make sure that these operations can be easily performed by mobile users.

Another aspect to consider is the speed of your website. It is even more important that your site is fast, especially for mobile devices.

Increase the Reach of Your Website!

If your website is not an e-commerce one, having lots of visitors might not be on your marketing plan. Therewithal, it will be beneficial for your company to improve your website as much as you can.

  • You can add e-commerce, online ordering feature to your website in the future. Having a developed website would be an advantage in that case.
  • Any kind of promotion you make for your website will increase the recognition of your company.
  • The authority of your website in the internet world will also give an idea about your business to your potential customers.

Make Your Site “Digital Marketing Compatible”

SEO Compliance

In our times, almost all the website designing companies highlight that their infrastructures, websites they generate are SEO compatible. Nevertheless, take care to ask questions about the infrastructure of your website or proffered opportunities. Although conducting a wide SEO study is not involved in your plans, complying with SEO guidelines would gain an advantage.

Points to Take into Consideration:

  • Does your website pop up fast?
  • How is the link structure on your site? The link structure on your site should be in a way that the user can make sense of by seeing and without clicking the link (i.e. yourwebsite.com/contact, yourwebsite.com/price-list).
  • You should specify meta title and meta description for search engines on all the pages on your website. Meta title forms the title section of websites that appears on search engines, whereas meta description constitutes the brief description below. In short, when you add some content to your site, you should fill those sections, as well. Of course, the system you use may be creating this automatically, but an attractive expression your choose yourself would probably be more useful. Ask where you can edit these sections. If there is no such field in the panel, you can request it to be added.
  • How is the text density on your site? There may be a dynamic environment on your website with numerous animations. However, if there are few texts on the website, this may create some disadvantages in terms of SEO. On the other side, if you are dealing with a high visual or artistic job, you may choose to take this risk.

Paid Ads Compliance

You may not be thinking about placing a paid ad (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Adds) for your website for now. However, this does not mean you are never going to use ads at all. For this reason, you may want your site to be compatible with paid ads, considering the future.

What do we mean by saying “being compatible with paid ads”? If a website does not violate ad platform policies and its industry is allowed to use paid advertisements, this website theoretically complies with paid ads. Yet, we would like to highlight that it does not mean that the website is ready to use (and to get efficiency) these kinds of ads.

There is some budget allocated to paid advertisements and it is natural to expect something in return. One of the important criteria to achieve this expectation is the performance of the website.

So, how is the website compatible with paid ads?

There Should be Separate Pages for Each Product

Whatever advertisement platform you are using, the system will ask you which page of your website you would like to link to. In such a case, you should be able to give a link as you wish.

Let’s express this with an example:

Suppose you are in the paint industry; you provide painting services for houses, workplaces, or exterior.

You may want to give an ad using “house painting cost” or “workplace painting cost” keywords. If you have two different pages for both work items on the website, you can easily handle this. However, if your website does not have separate pages for those two work items, you will have to give a link for this page. As a consequence, this would result in getting a relatively lower efficiency from the ad.

In sum, having separate pages for each product will provide you advantage.

Yet another advantage of this case is to establish you control more. For example, let’s assume, you estimate there is an increasing demand in paintworks in workplaces due to the season. Well then, you may pause the “house painting cost” keyword and leave only the “workplace painting cost” keyword (as well as the related page).

You Should Categorize Your Goods and Services

Let’s widen the example over-mentioned a little more. For example, you may welcome a user who searches for “painter price per hour” or “painters near me” with a page called “Our Paint Services”. You may also add some links to the page such as house painting et cetera, and allow the user to choose by clicking.

In a nutshell, users may conduct their research about your products and services using more general terms. For instance, users may use “painter price per hour” instead of “house painting price”.

Your website should provide you convenience in creating campaigns for such searches.

Your Goods and Services Should Be Convincing

You may have added “sufficient” information regarding your products and services to your website, yet still, look at it with the eye of the consumer. The consumer must trust in the quality of the products and services you offer. Also, do not forget to highlight your business’ selective aspects that bring it to the fore. Remember, you may not be able to prepare all those pages at once, but you can at least receive support about how you can edit the page content from the website design company.


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