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What is Great Content in 2020?

Creating content was always rewarding. But today we need much more than just “creating content” because creating content is either easy or popular lately. Accordingly, our content must have a difference from others. How? Let’s check!

Write About Your Area of Interests!

If possible, you can try creating content about your area of interest. For example, if you love tennis, write about it.

So many people have been creating blogs for the purpose of earning money and there is nothing wrong with it. At times, some people prefer writing a blog about unrelated topics of their hobbies. Let’s check what are the advantages of writing about familiar topics to us.

  • Will find content ideas easily (relatively)
  • Won’t be bored when you are creating content (most of time)
  • Might develop yourself about your hobby

Do Not Ignore Multimedia!

When we use the term “content”, usually it refers to a text but it does not have to be like this. You should enrich your content by utilizing videos, podcasts, infographics, calculators, and much more.

Web pages could give great potential, why not using it? As an example, if we write about ROI, we could add an ROI calculator in our post. In this manner, we would have relatively richer content.

In addition, using multimedia makes our content more appealing and it could increase our reader’s commitment, as well.

Be Mobile-Friendly

It is mostly connected to the multimedia part. Calculators or interactive elements could be perfect for desktops, but it must not be ignored to be checked for mobile, as well. If some elements can not be previewed correctly on mobile, you should hide them on mobile as a band-aid solution. If possible, creating mobile-friendly multimedia/interactive elements would be great.

Your Content Should Add Value!

It is obvious that the web is filled with content. Hence, your content must add value by creating some differences. But, what makes your content better, distinctive than others’?

Here are some examples of producing catchy content.
Once your content is more;

  • Detailed
  • Clear
  • Rich of examples/resources
  • Classified
  • Updated
  • Funny

than others’, your content is distinctive, and so catchy.

Note: You do not have to provide all of the adjectives. Just try to create something different/useful with some parts.

Your Content Should Be Regular

Consistency is particularly important for building a brand. If your content published on an irregular schedule, your readers would dislike it. Determine a schedule and track it as musch as possible.

Regular content planning is vital also for social media, as we have mentioned on our How to Use Social Media For Conversion? post, as well.

Provide “Further Reading” Part

Some users can be very interested in your topic. They would like to read, or watch more about the topic you post. Thus, at the end of your post you can create a “further reading list” that would be rewarding for those users who need more information.

Provide Correct Information

Always try to procure correct and proven information in your content. Especially some topics such as health and finance are very sensitive for users. These kinds of topics need expertise. By the way, Google’s EAT algorithm aims for it.
Here are some good practices (not a full/complete list):

  • Create content only in your expertise area.
  • Prove your claims.
  • If your area is highly dynamic, update your old content when they need it. Also, making the date part more visible would be useful.
  • If you have any doubts, share them honestly.

Do a Research About Your Content Topic

Check other posts, questions, forums, Q&A sites, tweets before creating content. Try to understand which part is highly interesting. Besides, investigate what people’s concerns are about that topic. As we said above, your content will gain value in this way.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

It is similar to the “do not ignore multimedia” part. Too long, or too short content could lead to poor quality content. Paragraphs, fonts, images, spaces are significant for the readability of your content. You can also check your content readability by using some tools. To name but one, Yoast has a readability score calculator. Tools similar to this are useful for being sure about the quality of your content.

Useful Tools for Creating Content

For finding content ideas:

For publishing content fast and easily:

For checking content (Grammar, Readability, etc.):

For content planning and publishing:

For creating images, banners, info-graphics:


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